Our Content Program

Our one of a kind content program empowers our Realtors to be constantly visible with the most valuable real estate information for their clients. The program encompasses blogs, social media posts, emails and ads in one automated program.
Untitled design (8)
Untitled design (8)

Consistently communicating value to your database is the definition of modern marketing. We have built a program that takes on all of the heavy lifting for you.

An end to end program.

Valuable Blogs

Our Realtors offer their clients unparalleled value through the creation of informative blogs, incredible videos, detailed market reports and global publications. The best part, is we do this all for you. Your personal blog is updated every week with content that your clients absolutely deserve. Our blogs cover everything from home inspection checklists to global property tour videos and everything in between.

Stunning Social Posts

Not only do we create social media posts and copy for every piece of blog content, but we also use an incredible Berkshire Hathaway technology to automatically schedule and publish your posts for you. It’s the only system of it’s kind and it makes getting valuable content in front of your clients incredibly easy.

Sample Social Media Designs

Each time we blog for you we create multiple social media posts for you which consist of a beautiful design as well as corresponding copy. We then utilize an incredible Berkshire Hathaway technology to automatically schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Google. You have the opportunity to personalize and edit each post as you see fit.

Informative Emails

We design stunning and informative emails that link back to the best content on your blog. We then use automatic scheduling tools to put your email newsletters on autopilot. Our marketing team works with you directly to choose the emails that best cater to your clientele and then implement that plan on your behalf.

Automatic Advertising

If your database isn’t growing, then neither is your business. We invest in your success through our industry first automated advertising program. All you have to do to run an ad is use a special hashtag on your social media posts and we will help generate tens of thousands of new views for you automatically.

In this day and age, content is king. We are simply the kings of content. This program puts you ahead of your peers and in front of your clients.

You won't find this kind of program anywhere other than Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.